Water-based Passivation Aluminium Paste

ZDW passivation series products are a new generation of products produced by passivation agents that our company self-developed.

The passivation effect is better than the chromium series passivation products on the market, which are safe and environmentally friendly.

Because there is no coating, the product effect is equivalent to that of solvent products.

Solvent replacement can be carried out according to customer requirements, and the solvent can be changed to alcohol, ether or alcohol ether solvent.

Water-based Passivation Aluminium Paste

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Product Details

Water-based Passivation Aluminium Paste Performance Parameter


Average Particle

Size (um)(D50)

Al content 



Screen  Analysis

200 mesh(≥%)



Package (KG)
ZDW-2107755-60Solvent oilPM/IPA99Passivation25
55-60Solvent oilPM/IPA99Passivation25
ZDW-21171755-60Solvent oilPM/IPA99Passivation25
ZDW-21303055-60Solvent oilPM/IPA98Passivation25
ZDW-21404055-60Solvent oilPM/IPA98Passivation25
Application: water-based ink


aluminum paste

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Water-based Passivation Aluminium Paste

Water-based Passivation Aluminium Paste