Automotive OEM/Refinish Coatings
This series imparts high reflectivity and good orientation capability to give the paint film a bright appearance and smooth surface look.
Marine/Corrosion Protection Coatings
Good brightness and whiteness while maintaining a well balanced cost structure.
The average particle size curve is narrowly controlled and under proper formulation, they impart a bright appearance with good coverage ability.
Powder Coatings
This aluminum metal powder imparts brilliant metallic effects, strong hiding power possessing reliable stability, oxidation-resistance and weather-resistance ability.
Coil/Can Coatings
This series imparts a bright metallic effect coupled with better hiding power.
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It is a manufacturer specializing in research, development and production of aluminum pigments and bronze powder.
Colored Aluminium Pigment
Colored aluminum pigment is one of the most dazzling color effect pigments coated with iron oxide on the surface of the aluminum sheet and it has high hiding power and high color vibrancy.
SILVER ROCKET colored aluminum pigment is designed for solvent-based systems, with excellent weather resistance, low conductivity, better opacity, and benchmarking Germany'sproducts. Colored aluminum pigments mainly used for high-quality automotive topcoats, industrial coatings, plastic coatings (3C), ink printing and other industries.
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Bronze Pigment
This series is leafing flaky pigment, which is composed of copper, zinc, and aluminium metal powder.
Bronze powder imparts good brilliance and metallic effect. Rich gold, pale gold, rich pale gold, and copper powder are available.
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Aluminum Pigment
They create a metallic effect in car coatings (both for OEM and refinishing), coil and can coatings, general industry coatings, powder coatings, etc., as well as to complete functional tasks (functional coatings), such as, corrosion protection, marine coating, roof coatings, reflection, barrier and other protective coatings.
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Vacuum Metallized Pigment
CHROME MIRROR PIGMENT--VMP (Vacuum Metallized Pigment have super smooth surface, chrome mirror-like effect and high-reflective effect as well as good hiding power. chrome mirror effect metallic aluminium VMP pigment for chrome spray paint

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is a manufacturer specializing in the R&D and production of aluminum pigments and bronze powder. The "SILVER ROCKET" brand was registered in 1992, and currently has six production plants.
The company's main products are aluminum paste, aluminum pigment, bronze powder, aluminum pigment annual production capacity 20000T, bronze powder annual production capacity 1500T, the total area of the factory is 170000m².
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It is a manufacturer specializing in research, development and production of aluminum pigments and bronze powder.
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It is a manufacturer specializing in research, development and production of aluminum pigments and bronze powder.
Silver Rocket's Aluminum Paste and Aluminum Pigments
As a leading supplier of aluminum paste and aluminum pigments, Silver Rocket is committed to providing high-quality and environmentally friendly solutions for automotive coatings. Our products excel in both metallic effects and environmental performance, meeting the modern automotive industry's
With 37 years of deep cultivation in the industry, Silver Rocket carefully introduced a series of standout products at the 2024 CHINAPLAS Rubber and Plastics Exhibition, including aluminum powder for plastic film masterbatches, high-solid-content aluminum paste, aluminum powder for injection
As the automotive market rapidly expands, eco-friendly water-based automotive paints are increasingly valued. Aluminum paste, as a key component, plays a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of paint surfaces. Compared to traditional oil-based automotive paints, water-based
In today's era of globalization, environmental protection has become an indispensable part of corporate development. Silver Rocket, located in Shandong Province, China, deeply understands this and has embedded the concept of environmental protection into every aspect of its corporate culture. Our
When selecting water-based aluminum paste for fluorocarbon paint, consider key factors like weather resistance, appearance, and metallic sheen. Encapsulated types are recommended for their storage stability and cost-effectiveness compared to similar imports. They also face fewer disruptions from

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