Return from CHINAPLAS | Silver Rocket Joins Hands with You to Draw a New Blueprint for Rubber and Plastics!

2024/04/24 14:46

With 37 years of deep cultivation in the industry, Silver Rocket carefully introduced a series of standout products at the 2024 CHINAPLAS Rubber and Plastics Exhibition, including aluminum powder for plastic film masterbatches, high-solid-content aluminum paste, aluminum powder for injection molding masterbatches, aluminum granule for non-spray applications, and bronze powder. These products not only stood out for their high-quality metallic luster and solid, full coverage effects but were also highly praised for their odorless aluminum powder, low-odor aluminum paste, and their ease of dispersion and dust-free properties. They have been widely applied in coating solutions, serving industries such as automotive and home appliances, and have met the market's demand for high-end metallic effects.

Silver Rocket

Notably, CHINAPLAS made a powerful return to Shanghai after a six-year hiatus. The opening day broke the record for the highest number of visitors on the first day of any previous session, with a total of 93,241 attendees, marking a 34.66% increase compared to the first day of the 2023 Shenzhen exhibition. Particularly, the number of overseas visitors reached 19,380, setting a record for the highest number of visitors in a single day, which was an astonishing 186.26% increase compared to the same period last year.

Silver Rocket

At the exhibition site, Silver Rocket’s booth was bustling with visitors. Business representatives actively engaged in-depth discussions with each visitor, exploring the diversity and unique advantages of the products in various practical applications.

Booth No.: 8.2B63

Silver Rocket will continue to strive for excellence, constantly introducing high-quality products, contributing to the sustained development of the industry.

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