Innovation is the perpetual engine of growth for Silver Rocket Metallic Pigment Co., Ltd., and we embrace it fully in our quest for excellence in aluminum and bronze pigment production. Our R&D team is committed to pushing the boundaries in material science and production processes, ensuring
2024/04/12 16:07
Since its inception in 1987, Silver Rocket Metallic Pigment Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the development and innovation of high-quality aluminum paste and bronze powder, aiming to bring a wide range of possibilities to the global coatings, plastics, decoration, and art sectors. Decades of
2024/04/11 16:18
Since its inception in 1987, Silver Rocket Metallic Pigment Co., Ltd. has been deeply rooted in the field of metal pigments. As one of China's renowned metal pigment manufacturers, we have been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services, backed by 37 years of history
2024/04/10 16:21
Colored aluminum pigment is one of the most dazzling color effect pigments which is coated with iron oxide on the surface of the aluminum sheet and it has high hiding power and high color vibrancy. SILVER ROCKET colored aluminum pigment is designed for solvent-based systems, with excellent weather
2023/11/29 14:35
From November 15th to 17th, 2023, Shandong Silver Rocket Group’s 2023 China International Coatings Exhibition came to a successful conclusion. Please enjoy the highlights below!For a long time, Shandong Silver Rocket has always adhered to product quality and constantly pursued R&D technological
2023/11/18 14:26
We, Silver Rocket Metallic Pigments Co., Ltd. are pleased to announce that we will participate in the upcoming China Coatings Show 2023 in Shanghai, China. This show will be held from November 15-17, 2023. Silver Rocket Metallic Pigments Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer specializing in the
2023/09/20 18:50
Shandong Silver Rocket Metallic Pigment Co., Ltd. will participate in the coating exhibition held in the Asia-Pacific region. The exhibition will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from September 6-8.Silver Rocket Metallic Pigments Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of R&D and production of aluminum
2023/08/16 15:48
Silver Rocket  Metallic Pigment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer founded in 1987, we have been focusing on the research & development, and production of bronze powder and aluminum paste for 35 years, Silver rocket brand was registered in 1992, and there are currently total of six production plants
2023/07/13 16:25
In April this year, the virus spread rapidly in many countries, and large-scale infections broke out in many countries. With the development of the epidemic, various countries have made emergency defense measures, and stopped production activities, isolated at home, to prevent the epidemic from
2023/06/14 16:15
Northern hemisphere summer is coming, and it's the hot season for umbrellas, sunshades and tents. In this hot summer, high-quality opaque and reflective materials sunshade has become the first choice of people.As we all know, the reflective materials of umbrella, sunshade, tent lamp coating and
2023/05/25 17:22