As a leading supplier of aluminum paste and aluminum pigments, Silver Rocket is committed to providing high-quality and environmentally friendly solutions for automotive coatings. Our products excel in both metallic effects and environmental performance, meeting the modern automotive industry's
2024/06/15 11:10
As the automotive market rapidly expands, eco-friendly water-based automotive paints are increasingly valued. Aluminum paste, as a key component, plays a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of paint surfaces. Compared to traditional oil-based automotive paints, water-based
2024/05/22 11:15
When selecting water-based aluminum paste for fluorocarbon paint, consider key factors like weather resistance, appearance, and metallic sheen. Encapsulated types are recommended for their storage stability and cost-effectiveness compared to similar imports. They also face fewer disruptions from
2024/04/30 13:58
With 37 years of deep cultivation in the industry, Silver Rocket carefully introduced a series of standout products at the 2024 CHINAPLAS Rubber and Plastics Exhibition, including aluminum powder for plastic film masterbatches, high-solid-content aluminum paste, aluminum powder for injection
2024/04/24 14:46
On April 16, 2024, Dubai launched the three-day Middle East Coatings Exhibition. Despite the rare rainfall adding a bit of coolness, it did not deter the passionate exhibitors and attendees. Silver Rocket Group, a leading manufacturer in the industry, once again made a notable appearance. We warmly
2024/04/17 17:50
Aluminum powder, commonly known as "silver powder", that is, silver metal pigment, pure aluminum foil with a small amount of lubricant, after pounding crushed into a scaly powder, and then polished.Aluminum powder is light in weight, high in buoyancy, strong in covering, good in light and heat
2023/06/14 16:51
 “Silver Rocket” bronze powder series have three colors: Rich Gold; Pale Gold; Copper,and this series is leafing flaky pigment,which is composed of copper,zinc and aluminium powder.It imparts good brilliance and metallic effect,so it is favored by customers.  The following are common
2023/06/14 16:44