Bronze Powder Rich Pale Gold Copper Powder 800 Mesh Metallic Pigment Powder

2023/07/13 16:25

Silver Rocket  Metallic Pigment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer founded in 1987, we have been focusing on the research & development, and production of bronze powder and aluminum paste for 35 years, Silver rocket brand was registered in 1992, and there are currently total of six production plants in Shandong and Anhui.

 Silver Rocket  bronze powder is a scaly ultra-fine metal pigment synthesized by metal processing such as electrolytic copper and zinc, mainly used in printing,and dyeing, painting, coating, masterbatch, and other industries, and can also be used for spraying 3C and automobile shells, etc., It is favored by customers because of its thick and full covering effect and strong metal texture.

Coarse powder series has a strong metal particle texture, can be applied to gilding, gold paint, fabric printing, screen printing, etc.

Fine powder series has good hiding power and strong metallic feeling, suitable for plastic、paper 、screen printing, etc.

Finer grade gold powder has excellent hiding power and metallic feeling, suitable for offset printing inks and finer grade printing

Gravure printing series products have ideal hiding power and excellent metal texture, suitable for gravure printing ink


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