Optimizing Your Fluorocarbon Paint Formula: Key Selection Points for Silver Rocket Water-based Aluminum Paste

2024/04/30 13:58

When selecting water-based aluminum paste for fluorocarbon paint, consider key factors like weather resistance, appearance, and metallic sheen. Encapsulated types are recommended for their storage stability and cost-effectiveness compared to similar imports. They also face fewer disruptions from international trade, ensuring stable supplies.

Particle size is critical: larger particles ease application and enhance metallic effects but cover less effectively. Smaller particles provide better coverage but complicate application and result in poorer metal textures. Typically, a particle size of 20-30 micrometers is ideal, adjusted according to specific client needs.

Silver Rocket aluminum pigment

Choosing Silver Rocket means selecting a leading domestic aluminum pigment manufacturer known for strong technical capabilities and advanced production processes. Our products maintain long-term partnerships with renowned global brands and are favored for their high cost-performance ratio.

For more information or inquiries about our aluminum silver paste series, visit our official website. Your support and feedback help us improve and succeed.

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